Bundle production technology

The bundles manufactured by us meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 10961:2012, ADR 2017, requirements of Directive 2010/35/EU, are designed in accordance with the guidelines contained in PN-EN 13480 and other industry standards
Bundle baskets are made of hot-rolled profiles and sections, joined by MAG and TIG welding, where all welds meet at least the acceptance level C according to PN-EN 5817: 2007. In addition, the welds in the basket and the collector are subjected to non-destructive visual, magnetic/powder and X-ray examinations, thanks to which the structure of the basket as well as the cylinder collector are characterized by high quality of workmanship, which is constantly controlled and supervised throughout the production process.

As a standard, the baskets are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing, and on customer's request they can be powder-coated in any color from the RAL palette.
Cylinder bundle collectors
Cylinder bundle collectors are made of 304/304L grade stainless steel pipes and fittings and from brass as standard. On customer's request it is possible to make collectors from other steel grades, e.g. 316, 321.

The pipe joints are welded orbitally, which guarantees high quality and almost 100% repeatability of the joints.

For orbital welding we use closed heads and welding sources from the renowned company Orbitec. Our qualified staff has extensive experience and the necessary authorizations to perform this type of work, which guarantees the highest quality of the collector.